2 Constitutions, 2x the Everything

Post Civil War, America was not doing so well financially. We were weak. Foreign entities wanted to take advantage of our situation, and that they did, by making a deal with Congress, who would be indebted to these international bankers eternally in return for these foreign interests having a (fraudulent) say in the operations of the United States.

On February 21, 1871, Congress passed the Act of 1871, which formed a foreign-interest-owned corporation called THE UNITED STATES. This unconstitutionally provided a separate government for the District of Columbia that operates solely on financial influence of these foreign interests, and not on the behalf of We The People. A new and separate constitution (for the INCORPORATED government of the District of Columbia) was also created with the passing of the Act of 1871. It operates completely separately from the original Constitution and only benefits the corporation – NOT the Republic – of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This took away our sovereignty under the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution!

Now, since the corporation is owned by foreign entities, that means the people in DC don’t work for us, they work for the foreign entities that OWN them. And what do people do for the people that pay them to do a job? They do the job they are paid to do. And that job that DC is doing is NOT in the interest of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America because WE are not the ones paying them (more on that coming up). The very people that are supposed to be working for US are working on behalf of foreign entities who wish to rule OUR country the way THEY see fit.

“Our” banks are not ours. The Federal Reserve, Central Banking System, even the United States Treasury is part of the foreign, privately owned corporation. Every debt we owe, from mortgages and car payments to school loans and credit cards, is “financed” by the foreign owned corporation and structured to keep us in debt…forever…while those behind the corporation just keep getting richer and richer. Even our taxes go to these foreign interests! And our policies here in the US keep getting more and more extreme to the benefit of those actually calling the shots. And those shots include some very nefarious things, which we will soon learn about very publicly.

All of this begins to make sense when you think about all the money we (they) shell out to foreign countries on the guise of help for the American people. I mean, what on earth do gender studies in foreign countries have to do with COVID relief for US citizens?? And why would that same COVID relief package include demands for ballot harvesting and mandated nationwide mail-in ballots for future elections, unless our elections, just like our banks and DC, are controlled by foreign entities?

Make no mistake:  every single act committed by our FAKE government under a FAKE Constitution has been TREASONOUS, because they have been working for foreign entities!

Even a two-term limit on the Presidential office was something only written into this FAKE constitution after FDR served four terms. Prior to that, it was only TRADITION for a President to limit his terms to two. But that is neither here nor there…or is it? I mean, Trump did say at the 2021 CPAC that he might have to “beat them for a third time”. There’s a lot to unpack there. First of all, a third term would mean that President Trump is actually President Trump right now, in his second term. He is still acting very “presidentially”. But I thought Bidan (if you don’t know why I’m spelling it like that, you should really do some research) was President? Well…there ARE TWO Constitutions at the same time – could there also be TWO PRESIDENTS at the same time? God seems to think so! Check out what He told prophet Kim Clement back in 2008!

Trump may not be able to serve more than two terms under the CORPORATION, but he very well could serve those two terms and go on to serve a third term under the Constitutional Republic, giving him three total terms as President! Heck, I say let’s make it four!

Right now, let’s take a look at some indicators that the FAKE constitution and the FAKE, foreign-owned DC are about to come crashing down, thanks to and by the hands of God and President Trump and HIS military.

As we heard in Trump’s 2017 inaugural speech, the President was all about getting rid of the corrupt DC establishment and transferring power back to the people.  The entire speech was about the people once again ruling our country! It’s very interesting to note at the moment he was speaking specifically on transferring power back to the people, that some military personnel joined behind him on stage. Now, when treason is involved, so must be the military, and we’ll get into much more on that later if I have time to finish everything before the take-down is over. For now, just ask yourself, is that normal? Is that tradition for the military to – even if only briefly – walk up behind the President during his inaugural speech?

Allow me to sidestep for just a minute and instead of looking at when the military joined President Trump, lets watch a few clips from the last three Presidents’ traditional laying of the wreath ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery and see who the military DIDN’T join. We’ll watch Obama’s and Trump’s ceremonies, which are identical in format, except that then-VP Biden did not join President Obama in the ceremony like VP Pence did during President Trump’s ceremony. I’m not sure if that means anything or not, but it was my very first observation. Then we’ll take a look at the most recent ceremony, where “VP” Harris did join “President” Faux Biden, which was awkward at best. All the essential elements of the traditional wreath laying ceremony were missing. Is that normal? Do you still think Biden is the legitimate President of the United States?

Another abnormality that nobody’s talking about is that Biden has yet to give his State of the Union Address (update: it’s mid-March and still no SOTU. I’m sure it is being swept under the rug under the guise of “COVID” safety, though. This must be what they meant when they were pushing the idea of a “new normal”. But President Trump did not disappoint. He spoke at the 2021 CPAC and if you ask me, it seemed like an SOTU. Aaaaaaand it just so happened to fall on the same date (February 28) as Trump’s 2017 SOTU.

Back to the military support of the best President ever. As I talked about in my starter post for this page, the military (although they weren’t all decked out in military threads, but there was most definitely a military presence there, among other key players) also joined President Trump when he made his remarks about the “calm before the storm”. Again, when dealing with traitors, the MILITARY must take action. It’s their Constitutional duty, if you’re going by the correct Constitution.

As I keep saying, the military has a Constitutional duty to take action when it comes to treason. Perhaps that’s why the military courts schedule has been cleared for weeks at a time at least twice since December of 2020.

In case I haven’t provided enough clues that the military doesn’t back Biden, this next video will literally show you the military NOT “backing” Biden. Look at all the National Guardsmen who turned their backs to him during the inaugural motorcade! Now, I don’t know who actually took this video, but if you look real close you can see the reflection of the red and blue flashing lights near the bottom of the window of the vehicle they are traveling in. Seems to me whoever took the video knew a little somethin’ somethin’ was up!

There’s also video evidence of Jill Biden reaching her hand out to one of the guards at the capital who completely ignored her, but I’ll let you look that one up. Let’s talk about what’s been constructed around DC as of late. I don’t think a video is necessary here because if you don’t know about the fence around DC, you’ve been living under a rock no matter what side of the fence, no pun intended, you’re on. Okay, pun intended.

Where do we typically build fences/walls? At borders. DC is bought and paid for by foreign interests, therefore DC is foreign territory. Do you see where I’m going with this? The fence IS A WALL – A BORDER WALL!! Even the barb wire tells the same story by the direction it faces. While mainstream media is feeding you the narrative that the fencing is for their protection in DC – they have failed miserably to explain what it is they need protection from. Think about it. A failed insurrection for which they’ve yet to provide EVIDENCE that anyone actually died, all while trying to blame it on the “cult” of Donald Trump supporters. They’ve tried to claim that Biden, judging by the amount of votes that he (illegally) obtained in the 2020 election, is the most popular and loved President ever – but if that were the case then who is it again that would be trying to hurt him or his supporters in DC? And you don’t find it odd that they were ready to impeach Trump before the sun set on January 6? Their latest attempt to make Trump supporters look like crazed, off-their-rocker lunatics was by pushing the idea that we believe that Trump was supposed to be inaugurated as the rightful President on March 4 (which happens to be the ORIGINAL inauguration date, and I’ll leave you to speculate on WHEN it was changed). DC called for more protection and the media hyped up the idea that there would be a(“nother”) insurrection. First of all, there’s not a single person I know or have talked to or seen chatter of indicating that anybody was headed to DC on March 4. Aaaaaand if we were going to DC on the 4th to see President Trump inaugurated, why would we riot?? Let me point out real quick that rioting when celebrating is the left’s game, not ours. Remember on election night in 2016 when literally EVERYONE thought Hillary was going to win? The left was still out burning property and inciting violence. After March 4th came and went and nothing happened (because there were no plans for anything TO happen), the left and their media cronies immediately began to spin the story that the ‘planned insurrection’ had been rescheduled for March 20. Now, I can’t help but wonder where they came up specifically with the date of March 20. Could it be….

Just look at all these countries fighting for freedom WORLDWIDE on March 20!?!

While we’re sort of still on the topic of border walls, did you catch the part in Kim Clement’s prophecy where God told him that this new President (referring to Trump) would bring about the walls of protection on this country? Thank you, Jesus!

Walls are a good thing. Nehemiah 15-16:

Bear with me here while I attempt to connect some more dots for you. There are many more indicators that the military is backing Trump and DC is coming down.

Something like 2,000 National Guard troops in DC were deputized, sworn in as special deputy U.S. Marshals before Biden’s inauguration. But why? What’s the difference between National Guard troops and U.S. Marshals? Well, U.S. Marshals and Deputies can arrest ANY person, for ANY offense against the U.S. – no warrant necessary. (18 U.S.C. § 3053). Check out the applicable part of USC code 3053 in the following screenshot directly from the justice.gov web site.

You might ask yourself who they were planning on arresting. Who were the 2000 deputized NG members planning on cuffing if this were true? Hmmm, I don’t know…maybe one of many traitors that have been unlawfully occupying DC? Wellllll…

Check out the video below of Senator Roy Blunt being ushered out of the capitol with his hands behind his back in an arrest position after the 2021 inauguration. This is NOT Blunt just casually walking with his hands behind his back. They are clearly in the arrest position. And that’s not his wife guiding him.

And below we have video that starts with a picture of Pelosi seeming to be escorted through the Capital by US Marshals. Then we see footage from January 20 where one of the same Marshals from the picture is motioning to who we can assume is Pelosi and what appears to be her ‘handler’ as this woman tells Pelosi, “Don’t say nothin’”. Nancy simply responds, “I won’t”. What, Nancy being submissive? What do they have on her!?! Is THIS normal?

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, where is she? Really. Where. Is. She??

Reuters would have you believing that Pelosi was in House chambers on January 13, 2021 signing articles of impeachment. They also claimed that she was filmed on January 15 at the US Capitol giving her weekly news conference, but if that were the case, why wasn’t she on the live feed of the House chambers those days?

Because she certainly was NOT in the House chambers on January 6th like we’ve all been led to believe. Nor was she in House chambers on January 13th or 15th like Reuters claims. How do I know? Because the live feed from the House chambers on all those dates proves it. In fact, she was MIA with somebody else acting as Speaker from at least January 3 (and possibly prior to that) through January 18 on all days the House was in session. The video below is specifically from January 6, but you can go to live.house.gov and click on the calendar to pick any date you choose. Start at the beginning of each playback of that day’s live footage and you can see who walks in and sits in the Speaker’s chair, opens the session, and then turns it over briefly to the person who reads Nancy’s written statement giving control to the person named in the statement and sitting in the Speaker’s chair. Fun fact:  Today is March 6, 2021 and she’s been MIA again since February 26, and several times sporadically between January 18 and February 26. (Sorry for the poor quality video, I was having some tech issues and had to work with what I had).

Now, I can’t explain the alleged post-arrest sightings of these people without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Instead, I’d rather you do some research for yourself, because honestly, that’s the only way most people have an awakening to the truth. And while you’re at it, quit listening to mainstream media. They’re liars. For the life of me, I do not understand why so many people have just started believing everything the MSM spews about Trump, about COVID…since when do we automatically believe their garbage? Some of the same people who insisted the media was lying about Trayvon Martin and other well-known cases now believe everything the media has said about George Floyd. It makes no sense!! They probably haven’t even acknowledged that Hollywood isn’t the only place that uses body doubles, make-up artists, head-to-toe “skinsuits”, masks, deep-fake videos, holographic and CGI technology, have they? Laugh all you want, but if the technology is there for both audio and visual (and it is, as evidenced by literally any movie you’ve ever watched in your life) – you can’t say for sure that it’s not being used. So pretty much every form of replication you can think of besides actual cloning! Okay, maybe I’ll get into it just a bit 😉

This next videos show a couple examples of the techniques that could be used to fake somebody’s appearance: A woman removing a skin suit that made her look like an entirely different person; and Obama and a CGI glitch-out that would be hilarious if the situation wasn’t so serious. When Bush speaks, its as though he’s trying to convince us that he’s actually there at Biden’s inauguration celebration by saying “the fact that the three of us are standing here talking” – are ya really now? Notice the pillars in the background are still visible when Obama’s image pixelates out – the pillars wouldn’t still be there if this was manipulated after the fact. It is impossible to debunk this video – it’s fake, no matter how you slice it.

Now, getting back to other areas specifically related to the two Constitutions where we would see significant changes. Some of what has already happened at the very least makes the idea plausible that Trump and the military really have been/are working to take down what many refer to as the “deep state”.

If the CORPORATION of the United States no longer exists, if it is defunct, then so would be the Federal Reserve, Central Banking System and US Treasury. The only way we would be able to continue to function financially is if there was a seamless transition into a new financial system. Well, it just so happens that there has been one in the works for many years but apparently it was too much of a task (or too much of a conflict is more like it) for any other President to take on. The last time an attempt was made to initiate NESARA (the National Economic Security And Reform Act), 9/11 happened. Here are some tidbits about NESARA (or GESARA on a global level), along with some reasoning to think that we are currently in the process of tidying things up for that seamless transition:


Eliminates (bankrupts) the Federal Reserve Bank, which will have one year to work with the US Treasury to remove all Federal Reserve notes from circulation. This will eliminate all mortgages and credit card and other bank debt. That sounds just a little better than Biden and the socialist regime’s oh-so-generous offer of TAXPAYER FUNDED school debt forgiveness, no?

January 24, 2021: Federal Reserve & US Treasury call emergency meeting late on a Sunday night:

February 24 & 28, 2021: the Federal Reserve, Visa and Mastercard all experience massive outages during the same week:

Approximately March 10, 2021: the Federal Reserve defaults on Myanmar gold. You’ll have to look this one up yourself, I tried to add this at the last minute and I was experiencing some major technical difficulties. Attached is a screenshot that includes the URL. Courtesy of Arcadia Economics.

And then there’s Neon Revolt’s Gab post from March 26, 2021. I’m sure this is normal. Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing at all. Don’t think it is anything? Follow the link for yourself.

Eliminates (bankrupts) the IRS and abolishes income tax! A new national sales tax will take it’s place (and IRS employees will be transferred to new sales tax area), charging a flat 14% on ONLY non-essential, NEW items. This means no tax on used vehicles or houses, and no tax on food or medicine. Now you might be wondering how that’s all going to work with the current year’s tax returns. My suggestion:  Prepare your taxes now. If you are due a refund, file immediately. Preferably electronically so you can get it back sooner. But if you owe, wait until the last possible day to file whether that be April 15 or whether we get an automatic extension due to COVID (that’s some of the chatter I’m hearing the past couple days). In fact, I’d wait until the last possible day and then file an extension on top of that if NESARA has not yet been enacted. Because once it is, there will be no more income tax which means you will not have to file! Are you getting excited yet??? Just please remember, there are very few people who know the exact date that this is supposed to happen, and even then, it could change. Please continue to pay your taxes – it will all be refunded once NESARA is in effect.

When campaigning for 2020: Here’s Trump making that promise to end payroll tax – and remember, “Promises Made, Promises Kept!”

In 2020, W-4s were changed to no longer allow a person to enter a number of deduction allowances. The only numbers one can write in are dollar amounts. You would likely not know about this yet if you haven’t started a new job in 2020. My employer changed payroll companies so I had to fill out a new W-4. Do you still think it’s just a coincidence? You can look up the difference between the 2019 & previous years W-4s to compare to 2020 & 2021. Seems like they’re preparing…

For a brief time, on June 19, 2021, when asking Alexa what famous person’s birthday was June 14, she responded by saying CURRENT President Donald Trump. The only way that any of this stuff could be getting done is if Donald Trump IS, in fact, in charge. I understand it’s a lot to take in, and your immediate reaction might be to then blame Trump for all of the bad things going on. However, if you knew the kind of evil he was up against – and once again, the media has done a stellar job at hiding this information – you would not only understand, but you would be in awe that anyone was willing to even try to take on the deep state, let alone, be successful.

The new US Treasury Bank System will align with Constitutional Law and there will be a new US Treasury currency backed by precious metals. If you weren’t able to get in on gold before prices went up, now’s your chance with silver while you can still get an ounce for around $50. Word on the street is that silver’s value will SKYROCKET after NESARA takes effect! But if you can buy gold…

Revelation 3:18

Seniors, I know some of you were convinced that Trump was going to cut Social Security, but in addition to that being absolutely untrue (which is why you never actually heard him say it out-loud), NESARA will actually increase benefits to seniors. Remember, mainstream media is not your friend. They know nothing of the inner workings of the mind of our great President Trump. I take that back. They know. They just don’t want you to know.

Now, there’s a lot more to this NESARA than just the financial side, including new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of NESARA’s announcement. Maybe this is what our genius President was hinting at when he said that maybe he’d have to “beat them for a third time”! And don’t worry, I know everybody wants a free and fair election, and with NESARA you’ll get just that with the monitoring of elections and preventing of illegal election activities of special/foreign interest groups! Now are you starting to understand how and why Trump had the foresight to sign Executive Order 13848 all the way back in September of 2018?

Now I’m just throwing this out there, but…isn’t Trump starting to sound a little more likeable with every word you’re reading?

Just a bit more information before I wrap things up here and move on to exactly what it is the deep state is going down for, and how we will be notified (not necessarily in that order). The press COULD be having a heyday with the video below that I found on the PatriotAlerts channel on Telegram, if they only bothered asking, “What happened to the D.C. in Washington D.C.???”

Just when I think I’m done here, there’s more and more very exciting news! Check out activity from DC from March 9th and March 11th!

The first set of videos come from “Richard Citizen Journalist” on Telegram. He lives in D.C. and has a birdseye view of the White House and Lincoln Memorial. He also travels around D.C. during the day to document activity.

There was also video from Richard Citizen Journalist (unfortunately I could not re-locate it at the time when I wanted to add it here) showing him filming in DC at the Rose Garden. Nobody was there. It was empty. But then the TV in his hotel room began playing “live” a speech that Biden was supposedly giving from the Rose Garden! How, you ask? Well…did you know that Tyler Perry has a White House replica at his studios in Atlanta? Maybe there’s your answer…

The next set of videos comes from Telegram as well, but from the user GhostEzra, who is a constant supply of great information. This was recorded from the live feed of the White House on earthtv.com from the night of March 11, 2021. Do you see all the flashing lights in the background? It looks like they have all of D.C. surrounded! And check out the folks lining up walking up to the White House entrance. What is going on here????

Something else I recently came across was an article from Military.com titled, “Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect D.C.” dated March 2021. The article actually explains how it would come to be that the National Guard/Military could have control in extraordinary circumstances. Thanks X22 for sharing this information! I’m going to quote word for word as the narrator read the article, and a bit of his commentary.

“A QRF is a standard military security element meant to provide swift reinforcements. This could be done by mobilizing military police from guard elements across the US on rotations of 3-6 months. Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the DC guard by re-establishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active guard reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty. Under the current law, the President would have to declare a constant state of emergency.

(We are in a constant state of emergency – due to COVID).

The commanding general of the DC national guard shall retain emergency authority in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances when necessary to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore government function and proper order.

This was all set up by Trump through the cover story of COVID! (If I might add, he’s a GENIUS!! Using COVID against the very people who unleashed it on us to beat them at their own game…..HAHAHAHAHA) While Trump was “still in” office, he set the military up with his orders where if the government cannot make a decision, the military,  compartmentalized, they have the ability to make certain decisions as everything starts to fall apart.

Right now, we have the deep state allowing the Special Task Force to be created to handle just this. Yes, this has already been set up with the military with Trump. What they’re trying to do now is bring in the National Guard so they will be on board with this.

Again, the commanding general of the DC National Guard shall retain emergency authority in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation.

What happens when everything starts to go south, and evidence starts to pour out or Durham releases his indictments and people are being arrested and the government is no longer functioning? The Military, and now the National Guard, they have the ability to take control. The military is the only way forward because this has to do with treason, sedition, election fraud, and the government structure. This isn’t planned for only D.C., but around the country.”

And that is how it’s done, folks. That’s how it WILL be DONE! But these things take time. So be patient. Trust your President Donald J. Trump because he clearly knows what he is doing. But more importantly, trust GOD’s perfect timing. He would not see President Trump through all he’s been put through with the attempt to impeach him, the attempts to completely destroy him, and yes, even attempts to assassinate him (yes, there have been multiple attempts…you’ll see) to just say “Eh, you’re on your own”. This is inevitable. God’s got this.

If everything I’ve just explained and shown you is true, it means we have two Constitutions, maybe even two Presidents, two (or more) “versions” of people in high places, two financial systems, two versions of every single event that’s unfolded lately, two sides to every story, 2x the everything.

Those two sides are:

Good v. evil.

Right v. wrong.

God v. Satan.

Choose wisely.

3/27/22: It’s been a long time, but…….DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! FINALLY!! Fox is reporting this!!!!

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