The Announcement

When everything unravels, I’ve come to the conclusion that the public will be informed via Emergency Broadcast Alert. See why:

Oh, and imagine our (those of us who are expecting our government to go down in a heap of ash) surprise when high-profile government officials in Myanmar were arrested over a fraudulent election that used Dominion voting machines. An Emergency Broadcast Alert went out to the whole country and the military announced they were taking over for a period of one year, and that a new FREE AND FAIR election would be held. And did you know that fairly recently, Myanmar was a top sex trafficking hub? And that the leaders cozied up with the Obamas and Clintons and Soros and even the POPE before the fraudulent election? Myanmar media companies were stripped of their licenses? Aaaaaand the Federal Reserve has defaulted on Myanmar’s gold. It’s all below:

Take a listen to this statement from a Myanmar military leader:

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that that this played out EXACTLY the way we are/have been expecting it to play out here in the United States. You know, because there are certainly zero global conspiracies that exist. Yeah, they’re just ALLLLLLLL theories. Nothing to see here, folks, so lets move along to the next post.

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