The COVID Connection

Now that you are hopefully beginning to understand the scope of the crimes that the deep state is going down for, let’s talk about COVID and how it juuuuuuust so happens to -potentially- fix ALL of the deep state’s problems.

In 2016, Dr. Anthony Fauci said there would be a “surprise pandemic” facing the incoming administration. Video courtesy of Bloomberg Quicktake.

Even though there’s no date on the video, and it didn’t surface until 2020, we can surmise that this was late in the year (it would have been after an election in which a new President was voted in since he says “incoming”), and that he was referring to the Trump administration since Fauci refers to his own 32 years of experience as the Director of NIAID. The NIAID website states that Dr. Fauci was appointed Director in 1984.

1984 + 32 = 2016

The first of four parts of the ‘Event 201 Pandemic Exercise’ was held on October 18, 2019. The event was hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For time’s sake, I’m only playing the first couple minutes of the video and I apologize for the poor quality. As always, you should do your own research. You should be able to glean from the top of the video what you can enter into a search engine to pull the full video back. Courtesy of Center for Health Security.

Later we might get into “WHY??????” Bill Gates, who isn’t a doctor and holds no medical degrees, who is a HUGE proponent of world population control and very much an advocate for abortion among other life-ending measures, would be trusted with a VACCINE that is supposed to SAVE lives…even though a malaria vaccine that his foundation funded killed, paralyzed, and caused seizures, paralysis, and febrile convulsions to thousands of African infants and children. And especially when you consider that we already have a proven, effective, safe treatment for malaria that’s been around for decades – it’s called hydroxycholorquine. Yes, HCQ. The same HCQ that was banned for use with COVID. And also Ivermectin – it’s a life-saver that’s been around for ages and even given to refugees ACCORDING TO THE CDC WEBSITE! In case I don’t have time to get back to all this, you should really do the research!

Right now, let’s focus on the WEF (the World Economic Forum). Not only was the WEF a partner in Event 201, but they also came up with the “Covid Action Platform” – a plan so detailed, so complex, that it affects what I imagine is every single possible aspect of life and commerce and government (and of course, they made sure to include “social justice”) issues on a GLOBAL level. One can’t help but wonder how they managed to pull this together if they didn’t begin work on it until COVID actually entered the picture. I first came across it in March of 2020 and the first thing I questioned was how they could’ve possibly came up with all this in just a couple, maybe three short months. Take a look at the “map” below and decide for yourself what their true motives are. Global governance seems to be a popular theme but hey I’m sure it means nothing.

A virus of the size and nature of what we were told COVID would be can accomplish some very interesting things if timed just right (during an election year), all of which benefit – guess who?

  1. Justifies closing churches and schools, both of which are used as polling places, which then justifies mail-in ballots. You know where I’m going with this.
  2. Justifies a “shelter-in-place” (fancy way of saying “lockdown” that makes you feel like you’re saving the world) that prevents people from talking to each other. They didn’t want us to be able to share information!
  3. Justifies mask-wearing, again, that prevents people from talking to each other. I know I am one of many who cannot tolerate a mask, ESPECIALLY when I have to talk.
  4. Crash the economy. Historically, first-term Presidents running for re-election don’t survive a crashed economy. (Boy did they underestimate Trump, though!)

Now, I’ve been trying to open people’s eyes up to the fact that COVID was a direct attempt to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. The main question I would get in response was, “if that’s the case, then why is COVID global?” Because the conspiracy is GLOBAL. DO. YOU. SEE. IT. NOW????

You might be wondering how a global pandemic could be predicted – how they would know exactly when it would come into play to be able to pull all of this off. Well, when you control its release, and you control the media, and you control what constitutes a “positive” case, and you control how deaths are being recorded…shall I go on?

Eh, for now I’ll just point you to patent US10130701B2 and remind you that patents are for things MAN-MADE, not things that occur naturally. You would also do yourself some good to look into Operation Mockingbird to see how the mockingbird media is controlled. Perhaps this will make you want to dig deeper into how the case and death numbers for COVID were MASSIVELY inflated.

But there’s also the following video that I recorded back in August of 2020:

MSN pre-published an article regarding negative side effects of mask wearing. The article was scheduled for publication on November 6, 2020. Hmmmmm….three days after the election they were planning on telling us about the negative side effects of mask wearing? How kind of the media. I recorded this video on August 10, 2020, which means for at least three months, MSN sat on that information and didn’t think it was important enough to tell us until after the election. They probably (and correctly) assumed that many of us would figure it out on our own. We already had by that point.

Did you know that Dr. Fauci published an article in 2008 stating that bacterial pneumonia caused the most deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic?

Now, if you understand to stay away from mainstream media and search engines like Google, you can also find a lot of information about how masks cause bacterial infections, and how ineffective and harmful they actually are. I’m trying to lead you to water, here, but only you can take that drink.

There’s a reason that four days into the lockdowns, when I started getting a little suspicious about the supposed COVID case numbers and deaths, that my research led me down so many other rabbit holes of, what seemed at the time, seemingly unrelated information. But they were connected, they are connected – and that’s why and how COVID research leads to it all. Because it’s all connected! I’m updating this page on 3/19/22 – if you think what’s now going on in Ukraine isn’t connected, you, my friend, are blind. But back to COVID for now.

The link below will take you to the live (at the time) feed of the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court meeting on May 18, 2020. During this meeting, new guidelines from the CDC on counting COVID cases was being explained.

For “probable” cases one needs only to have been around someone with COVID. Probable cases are cases, the woman speaking even says so. For deaths, a positive PCR test was no longer needed to count a death as a COVID-related death – COVID-19 only had to be listed on the death certificate as the cause of death.

Even the CDC admitted that the death numbers are inaccurate at best. And did you know that there is a financial incentive for hospitals to house COVID patients? They get one amount for patients with COVID. They get more if the patient goes on a ventilator. And they get even more if the patient dies. And now, unfortunately I have learned from experience, that there is also financial incentive for families to stay silent if their loved one’s deaths are recorded as COVID even if they did not have COVID. FEMA offers funeral expense reimbursement to whomever applies for it if COVID is listed as any contributing factor to a death. I also know of someone who was offered money by the hospital to allow them to rule their loved one’s death due to COVID.

Interestingly, there is much research out there showing that putting a patient on a ventilator unnecessarily is a death sentence. I’m sure it’s all coincidence. And I’m sure that doctors’ and hospitals’ refusals to prescribe HCQ, Ivermectin or any other known-to-work medicine is just a coincidence as well. I’m sure they’re not killers.

If the made-up stats and the nonsensical, inconsistent guidelines and the hypocritical “rule”-makers and the disappearance of the regular flu and the taking away of our freedoms didn’t convince you, I don’t know if this will. Heck, I don’t know if ANYTHING would convince you. But in a relatively short while, it won’t matter if I’ve convinced you, because it will all be exposed, including COVID. I hope this makes you angry enough to never want to look the other way again. Ever!

All of the things, the dirty, evil, corrupt, horrific things the deep state has been up to will be brought out of the dark and into the light. Their house of cards will come crumbling down and they’ll be crushed under the weight of it. As I am updating this on 3/19/22, you may be starting to suspect where I am going with this, but for those who haven’t a clue…yes, Ukraine is connected! In fact, the deep state couldn’t have pulled all this off with Ukraine. But that topic will be an entirely separate post, coming soon.

This is about so much more than Satanic ritual child sex trafficking rings (although, isn’t that enough???). It’s about more than COVID. There are many more disgusting and vile things they’re guilty of, but I personally felt these two topics were the most important. Maybe I’ll get a chance to get into some of the other stuff soon. But for now we’ll just say that pretty much all the things in more modern history in this country that were claimed to be conspiracy theories – nope, they’re fact. “Spoiler alerts“, some are calling them now. 9-11. Benghazi/Seal Team 6. Obamagate. Election fraud. Hunter. China. These are all things the deep state doesn’t want you to know the truth about. The things they will literally do ANYTHING to keep the public from knowing. Including media faking footage of a COVID emergency room situation in Israel (you know, the place where they are mandating the vaccine; the place where now [3/19/22] they are the most highly vaccinated country but have the highest amount of COVID cases. What the heck is that all about?!?). Watch the following video carefully. You can see the media crew directing the ACTORS. If this was such an emergency, do you think the medical staff would just be standing around waiting for a cue to rush the “victim” to the other side of the room only to stop and wait around some more? One of the camera guys doesn’t even have his mask up over his mouth…WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

But now you know, or you soon will. You’ve at least been told. So take the face diaper off (its making you sick anyway). If you own a business, OPEN IT! If you don’t, go FREQUENT one (one that doesn’t make you wear a mask)! And for heaven’s sake, go give your grandma a hug. Unless you’re sick, in which case, I would always recommend staying away from the elderly because that’s house viruses work.

If you are a prayer warrior, please pray for all those affected by this disease that’s been unleashed on us. This just became very, very close to my heart. – August 2021

March 2022

Of all five lines in the above tweet from Jesse Kelly, the last line is perhaps the most important statement of all. Remember Event 201 and the COVID strategic map we talked about earlier? THIS WAS ALL INTENTIONAL!!!
3/27/22 Nothing like a little normalization of blood clots. No mention of the vaccination, which we know is the culprit!

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