“Your Chidlren Shall No Longer Be Your Food”

I’m going to start this post right off the bat with a video that establishes that there is enough of an international Satanic ritual child sex trafficking ring for the ITNJ (the International Tribunal for Natural Justice) to hold an Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Speaking is Robert David Steele, the Chief Counsel for the ITNJ. Listen carefully as he explains what it is these demons are doing! This is a conspiracy alright, but one of fact, not of theory!

Now you have to ask yourself, why would there be an International Tribunal for Natural Justice Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse if there was not at least a reasonable amount of evidence suggesting that such an evil existed? There are representatives from multiple countries (hence the “International” in ITNJ), because it is a GLOBAL issue. The man speaking is the CHIEF COUNSEL for the ITNJ, among other things. Did you listen to what he said? Or did you tune out before you got to the part about Satanic ritual sacrifices? Are you calling him a liar? Did they make all this up? No. That’s the game of the very people involved in these crimes against humanity of the worst kind.

Now bear with me for a few minutes while I give you just a little bit of information to try to connect some dots. Its up to YOU to do your own research!

*Props to the original poster of the video.

First, I apologize. I’m so sorry that you had to witness that. But I had to get your attention. My heart breaks for that precious child who had to endure that kind of abuse at the hands of a very sick, evil person. Sadly, this is nothing in comparison to the full scope of what is happening to many children around the world, at the hands of Satan and his helpers.

If you can watch that video and not begin to at least wonder if perhaps there is some truth to Satanic elite child sex trafficking, then you might be the conspiracy theorist here. Can I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was John Podesta in the video? No, but that doesn’t mean that somebody else can’t prove it (and I actually think that it has been proven and will be something we find out soon). But this isn’t as much about who exactly it is torturing that little girl than it is simply establishing that this sick stuff IS happening at the hands of very powerful people. However, let’s take a minute and analyze what we found in the video and then form our own opinions as to who we think it is:

  1. The child first refers to the unseen person as “John”; apparently the abuser doesn’t like to be called John. I wonder why that is.
  2. The child then refers to him as “Skippy”, which, according to the Huffington Post, is Podesta’s self-described “evil twin”. Again, I wonder why the abuser doesn’t want to be called by that name, either.
  3. I don’t know about you, but personally I felt the audio comparisons were very compelling.

Everything about the very last few seconds of the video is c-c-c-c-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-p-y. The person’s voice is creepy enough, but the words he is speaking make me want to vomit. Apparently this is what they mean by ‘family friendly’ – a place you can go and tell the world you like little boys and instead of being tarred and feathered they’ll give you a stage and a microphone and cheer you on.

I find it terribly interesting that a “family friendly” pizza joint would have bands play there with names like “Sex Stains” and “Heavy Breathing”. Just based on that information alone, would YOU take YOUR children there? That’s sick!

Now, as you can see below, we have a self-incriminating tweet below where HRC, at the very least, admits she frequents Comet Ping Pong. With the same man that is very likely to be the abuser in the above video.

And with Lady Gaga, who is a client of Marina Abromovitz, Satanic Spirit Cooker to the Stars.

This is one of the least offensive pictures that I’m willing to share. It’s bad enough even with this “victim” appearing to be an adult. Other images – of children – are so disturbing, I can’t even begin to describe. Besides, I’m not going to spoon feed you every bit of information I have. As I said, most people don’t believe it if they themselves are not the ones doing their own research. So, if you don’t know what Spirit Cooking is, I suggest looking it up. All I will say right now is that it involves every kind of bodily fluid. And many household names including former (no, not President Trump, because he is neither a Satan worshipping demon nor a “former”) presidents, politicians, celebrities, etc., are involved in this and other Satanic rituals – many involving sacrificing children.

It’s not surprising that these perverts would use social media, or that these social media platforms would allow them to post such things. Pedophilia doesn’t even go against Facebook’s “Community Standards”, as we see here in the reply a user received when trying to report the image below.

NOW are you starting to get it? All the people involved in this just happen to HATE and have done everything they could to DESTROY President Trump. I’d also like to point out that all the names on the Epstein flight logs just happen to be of those who HATE President Trump, whose name is NOT on the flight logs. He also went to the police years ago and volunteered information about Jeffrey Epstein when nobody else would cooperate.

Trump knew things. Trump knows things. And the deep state cabal of child sacrificing Satan worshippers knew this. THAT’s why they “could not” (oh but they did haha) have him as President (and still do, as we will all soon see). THEY KNEW they were going down. THEY KNOW they are going down. This knowledge won’t stop them from doing everything they can to delay the inevitable, but it is…inevitable.

It didn’t stop them from unleashing a virus onto the world – yes, the WORLD – I told you, this is GLOBAL. It didn’t stop them from *TRYING to steal the election – and not just in the U.S., remember, it’s GLOBAL (think Myanmar for one example). It did not stop them from trying to impeach President Trump TWICE – but they were unsuccessful, as they will be with their attempts to thwart the justice that is coming swiftly.

Following is a lineup of some actions Trump took that are pretty compelling, showing the elimination of child sex trafficking has been a top priority of our greatest President ever!

Even long before Trump became President Trump, he made it clear how he felt about those who hurt children. Death penalty.

Tell us how you really feel.

In the above tweet, not only do we see that even in 2012 Trump was making it known that he believed in the death penalty for child snatchers (and went on to reinstate the death penalty federally after he was in office, as discussed in my post titled “The Announcement”), but we also see a spelling mistake in the word “children” being spelled “chidlren”. Many would assume that it was a mistake, and reasonably so. However, if I haven’t pointed out before, every move President Trump makes is deliberate and intentional. I didn’t even notice this particular misspelling until recently, but after someone pointed it out I decided to do my own internet search of the misspelled word. Look what I found:

The question at the end of this video was rhetorical, if you didn’t figure that out yet.

Not even one month into the Trump Administration, this “ad” was put out by DHS. Sorry I don’t have the full video as I deleted Twitter and Facebook after they banned me. And since they banned President Trump, I won’t go back. Check out the reference to Pizzagate.

If you think this is random, you’re nuts.

Around a week later, President Trump signed this Executive Order regarding International Trafficking.

Later in the year, President Trump signed an Executive Order similar to EO 13848 that blocks property of persons involved with…

But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence, right? I’m sure that the massive amount of child sex trafficking rings that have been busted since Trump took office in 2017 is all just happenstance.

FEDERAL. AGENTS. Homeland Security Agents. What do you think one of the major reasons for the border wall is?

I wish I had time to post every single bust I could find, but I’d never be done with this page. This next video (out of London if I remember correctly) though is too important to overlook. I’m not going to give feedback about this one; I think it’s very important that you investigate this one for yourself (since law enforcement did NOT). The child’s name is Alisa Dearmon, and she has a brother named Gabriel. The father’s name (was) Ricky Dearmon but he’s since changed his name (multiple times I hear).

Luke 17:2

If child sex trafficking was the ONLY thing that Trump put an end to, he would still be my forever President in my heart. Thank you, Jesus for using President Trump in such an amazing way!


  1. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Both my parents passed away over the summer and I am just now able to get back to things here. I will try to figure out what’s going on! Thanks for the comment!


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