Before you say there is no gay or trans agenda, this is not 2000 or even 2010. It’s 2023 and we all know there’s an agenda because it is very out in the open. But before it was so out there that we couldn’t do anything to avoid it, it was out there in a hidden-in-plain-sight kind of way. Then in the 1980’s, in the form of a marketing campaign called The Overhauling of Straight America, which was a bullet-pointed strategy to desensitize Americans to homosexuality via any means necessary. And boy, did it work. I will add screenshots of the entire campaign at the end of this post but we’re probably not going to talk about it here unless I have to refer to it to make a point. Right now my point is just that there is an agenda. After that, I’ll add screenshots of The Homosexal Manifesto, also written around the same time as The Overhauling of Straight America, but much more graphic and disturbing. Again, I’m only adding as documentation of evidence of an agenda. Warning:  Children who can read should not be within viewing distance of these screenshots.

Now that it’s been established that there is an agenda – a very creepy, sick, and disturbing agenda by ANYONE’S standards who isn’t a pedophile – let’s get into the heart of this discussion.

The gay agenda is pretty simple. If you’re gay, chances are you are not making babies. Therefore, you are not carrying on the family name. Sure, you can adopt, but that doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t adding to the population. There will technically be no “future you’s” to carry on your tradition. There’s also HIV/AIDS, which has recently come to light as having been purposely introduced into the gay community. That topic is for another day and another person – I doubt I will get into that. I just wanted to bring AIDS into the discussion because it primarily kills gay men.

The trans agenda is where we really see the death toll pick up. At least homosexuality doesn’t require hormone blockers (the same stuff that perverts are chemically castrated with – it’s called “Lupron”) or double mastectomies or literal castration. But…transgenderism…it’s a whole different ball game. They are going gangster trying to make sure that children are sterilized before they are even out of grade school. They know that if they get them BEFORE puberty, the damage they do is irreversible. They know this, and that’s why they do it – so they won’t go on to reproduce. In case you forgot, they HATE you.

The pushers of this evil have convinced the world that trans people are suicidal and guilt parents into believing that if they don’t support their child’s fantasies, the child will kill themselves. They also scare the children into believing that they will die if they don’t transition. AND they convince the children that their parents don’t love them if they don’t give in to their delusions. This kind of madness is no doubt capable of resulting in suicides – of not only the children, but the adults who were convinced it was their fault. I’m sure there’s somebody somewhere who will read this and say that the adult deserved it for not supporting their child, and to that I say shame on you for falling for this tomfoolery. The lies that the agenda pushers have told can and do often result in suicide.

At the very least, the drugs will harm children. At worst, it will kill them outright and/or prevent their future generations from arriving. “Bottom surgery” results in infertility as well.

Again, you support this WHY??? Why would you want this for yourself? Why would you want it for your children? Or ANY child for that matter? Why are you working so hard for something that will be left to nobody? For something that is KILLING you??

Do yourself a favor and look up de-transitioning videos, if you can find them. It is very sad how people that decide they want to detransition (return to their biological sex/gender) are treated. The oh-so-inclusive trans community disowns them. Their stories are heartbreaking and there’s one common theme: wishing an adult would have told them “no”, or at least made them wait until they were an adult to make such life-changing decisions.

At this time, I would just ask you to really ponder one question:  how do the gay/trans agendas survive without gays and transgenders? They don’t. Remember, they want you dead.

Jesus loves you. He does NOT love the choices you are making as a gay or transgender person. Or, for that matter, the choice to be promiscuous or to have sex outside of marriage. People teaching you that God is okay with those choices are lying to you to gain followers and to promote Satan’s agenda, whether they realize it or not.

Satan wants you dead and for you to join him in hell. Jesus died FOR YOU and wants you to join Him in HEAVEN someday. I hope you make the right decision to follow the one who loves you, not the one who wants you dead.

Until then, Jesus loves you and so do I.

As promised, The Overhauling of Straight America:

And lastly, remember to have children leave the room, The Homosexual Manifesto:

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