“A Plan So Brilliant”

I think we can all agree that 2020 was by far the craziest year that any of us among the currently living have ever witnessed. But if you think 2020 was outrageous, get ready to have your mind blown in 2021! But in a good way. A very, very good way…and soon!

It’s the beginning of March, 2021, and right now things look pretty bleak. There seems to be no end in sight for COVID, and we’re being told that even with the vaccine we’d still have to wear masks, social distance, and keep businesses closed. New strains are on the way?? People are still waiting on stimulus checks. Governors being investigated for, well, murdering grandmas by putting COVID positive patients into nursing homes. Pipeline workers are out of jobs. The price of gas is skyrocketing.  Mr. Potato Head had his manhood chopped off and Dr. Suess is the latest cancel culture victim. What is up with the stock market?? In my home state our governor signed a bill that makes it illegal for police officers to use force to apprehend a suspect. Are we still allowed to call a suspect a suspect? I don’t know anymore. CEOs of major corporations are stepping down left and right and nobody’s batting an eye. Governments worldwide are falling apart. It’s not just Myanmar. What, you didn’t know that? Mainstream media really doesn’t like for us to know what’s ACTUALLY going on, do they? And don’t EVEN get me started on what happened January 6. We are not even two months into the Faux Biden presidency and he’s already trying to go to war! Voter’s remorse yet, anyone? Maybe you can tell Bidan (no, that’s not a misspelling) how you feel if he ever decides to grace us with his presence again. Which reminds me, what’s with not giving a State of the Union address?

We don’t dare ask, “What’s next?” for fear of actually putting what’s next into motion. We may see a couple more very crazy things happen here shortly, but…soon the tide will shift and this country will be back on its way to being the GREATEST country on earth…and then some! Many of the steps to taking our country back have already been completed, and it will be announced publicly very soon.

Whether you believe it or not right now, President Donald J Trump will go down as the best President in all of history. In fact, if I may borrow a quote from someone else, I’d venture to say he will go down as the best human being ever.

While the mainstream news and social media and big tech were busy spinning lies about “Orange Man Bad” and censoring and banning Trump and his supporters and any company or person who chooses to associate with him; while big pharma and world and religious institutions and leaders and major corporations were working directly against our great President; while Hollywood and the sports industry and pop stars and D-list comedians took time out of their busy days to display effigies of Trump’s severed head and to threaten to burn down the White House (their wish will come back to haunt them soon; although it won’t be burned, the building in DC that we’ve known as the White House WILL be demolished); while everyday citizens’ lives and careers and friendships and familial relationships have been destroyed over their difference in beliefs – while all of this has been going on, do you want to know what President Trump was doing? Actually, whether you want to know or not is irrelevant, because you will know very soon. I’m just trying to soften the blow and at the same time hoping that, when all this goes down, you know you have someone you can talk to. There are millions of people that know the truth now and I’m certain that nobody is without at least one of those people in their lives. If you are, though, come find one of us. We’re waiting with open arms.

We’re not talking about conspiracy theories here. We’re talking about Executive Orders and Bills and Acts and the GITMO expansion among many other things. We’re talking about treasonous and evil people whose only goal was to kill, steal, and destroy. We’re talking about terrible, horrible things that have been going on in this country – and the world, for that matter – that our RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP has been working harder than ANYONE to end since January 20, 2017 and before.

It’s going to get ugly. Or uglier, should I say, for just a little while longer. But you will soon see why so many people have been so adamant for so long that President Trump isn’t the bad guy he’s been made out to be. You’re going to see why we would not back down from everything we’ve been trying to tell the world, despite our friends and family and coworkers and acquaintances calling us crazy, some even cutting ties. Despite nobody listening. Despite being unfriended by people on social media. Despite losing our jobs. You will soon understand why those powerful people in DC have done everything they could to completely destroy President Trump (and how he survived it all with almost nobody in his corner besides God). You will see the proof. The proof of everything. And I mean everything.

When you finally see it, you will never, ever be able to unsee it. You will wake up and never go back to sleep. Your eyes will be opened forever. And when that happens, I hope you realize what a miracle God has performed. I pray it leads you to Jesus. Because THAT’s what this is all about. It’s the ONLY thing this is about.

So sit back, and have faith that this world we live in is about to change FOREVER, and for the better.

Check out President Trump’s 2017 inaugural speech to see where his role in all this “officially” began, along with a few other videos that lend creed to why so many not just believe, but KNOW that God placed Trump in the White House. Then follow the posts under this page for a sneak peak at the major changes that are about to take place, courtesy of Present Donald J Trump and our wonderful military!

Why did the military join President Trump on stage briefly right as he was talking about giving power back to the people? Is that normal at an inauguration to have the MILITARY join the President? The media never really covered it. Perhaps they didn’t want to know the answer. Or maybe, just maybe…they didn’t want the public to know the answer.

President Trump followed through on every single campaign promise he made. Promises made, promises kept. We brought back jobs, our borders and wealth. Historic peace deals were made. So many, in fact, that President Trump was nominated for, remind me again…how many Nobel Peace Prizes? You know it’s a lot when you can’t remember how many!

He said he would never let us down. And he didn’t. If he let YOU down, you either have very different values that we will never agree on – or – you believed the horrible, nasty things that were said about him.

We were told he was racist, but none of us actually heard him say anything remotely racist. We were told he didn’t condemn white supremacy “from the start”, but he did. They just didn’t let you see that far into the video of his speech. By “they” I am referring to the mainstream media. Here’s the part they cut out:

We were told how he’s always been racist, but nobody could ever point back to any point in time pre-escalator announcement that people were accusing Trump of being racist. They were literally trying to change history! Trying to change Trump’s story!

And as far as who Trump grabs and where he grabs them, as long as it is consensual what do you care his history with women? A lot of people seemed to skip over the part where Trump said these women “let” him grab them. You think he’s lying? The media tried to make it out that he was admitting to sexual assault but come on! He’s a billionaire – you don’t think there are women out there who LET him, just like he said? Ya know, I didn’t even care at the time when Slick Willy had his indiscretions DURING his presidency. Later on, though, I changed my mind. I saw how President Trump behaved and WORKED and he had no time for such frivolous things as trying to score with women while he was running the country. Bill Clinton did, and that meant he was not using his time as President wisely.

Trump has kept all his promises. Whether you agree with his policies or not, he did what he said he was going to do. What makes you think he would stop just short of giving this country back to We The People? He promised he’d fight for us (even those who hate him) “with every breath” in his body…and last I checked, President Trump is still, by the grace of God, breathing. We WILL be the rulers of our country once again! If you didn’t know that We The People were not ruling our country, my first post under this page, “Two Constitutions, 2x the Everything” should help.

Not even a week into his Presidency, Trump alluded to some sort of “storm” being on the horizon, but when questioned about what storm he was referring to, he would only say “You’ll find out”.

What in the heck was President Trump talking about when, surrounded by military again, during his very first week in office, he made a comment about an impending “storm”? Stick around, and just like President Trump said in the video, you’ll find out.

Now, if you’ve read any of my pre-2020/2021 posts, you’ll already understand that I’m a big believer in God and prayer. When I say that we prayed President Trump into the White House, by “we” I mean millions and millions of people not only in this country but around the globe. Take a look at the Jerusalem Global Gathering where thousands were gathered in multiple locations all over the world to pray -over America- (not necessarily that Trump would be elected, but that the one GOD wanted in the White House would be elected) on election night!

At the very moment that this world-wide prayer chain was broadcast, when Hillary was no doubt winning by a landslide, the tables drastically turned and suddenly Trump took a massive lead! Find out more about how the worldwide prayer broadcast came to be here: Signs of divine intervention in Trump victory (wnd.com). Also check out the graph below from the New York Times showing the precise moment in time when the shift happened (Spoiler Alert: it was at the same time the broadcast went out!).

Matthew 18:20:

Imagine what two or three MILLION could do!

Now check out some prophecy from Kim Clement, who sadly passed away days after Donald Trump won the 2016 election, but he had prophesied about Trump many years in advance. Mr. Clement prophesied about a two-term Trump presidency (although even Clement didn’t know he was referring to Trump at the time) with eerily accurate detail:

-Foresaw TWO impeachments. He did not simply say “impeach”. He said, “Impeach. Impeach. But NAY!”

-Mentions first name “Donald”

-Mentions “the gatekeeper of New York”.

-Specifically referenced Bible verses with the word “trump”:

There’s one more Kim Clement prophecy I want to share with you here before moving on to the more finely detailed posts in this section. This is perhaps the most significant of Clement’s prophesies about Donald Trump and the future of the United States of America. It also happens to be my favorite, and inspired the title for this page.

For space and time’s sake I will not be posting every single prophesy that is relevant to what we are witnessing today. But the back history on the following clip is this: God spoke to Kim Clement about how His “David” (President Trump – although there are other players involved) would take down the giants of debt, socialism, secularism, etc., and that those who laughed and rejected this would be SHOCKED at how he/He takes down the giant! And the icing on the cake is when God told Clement,

But the plan is so brilliant,” says the Lord, “it could only have been given by Me“.

Folks, stay with me as we begin to unpack the giants and watch God’s brilliant plan unfold!

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