Spoiler Alerts

Practically overnight, the lives of every human being on earth were forever changed. The problem was, hardly anybody seemed to realize that we had just entered what many were referring to as World War III. The casualty toll was great. There would be millions of lives lost without a single dropped bomb, and an even… Continue reading Spoiler Alerts


Once you understand that COVID was made for the vaccine and not the other way around, then – and only then – will you understand that the past three years were meant to kill off much of the population. By and far, it is left-leaning, Biden-supporting, Democrat voters who got the clot shot, the stroke… Continue reading PROTOCOL’D TO DEATH

The COVID Connection

Now that you are hopefully beginning to understand the scope of the crimes that the deep state is going down for, let’s talk about COVID and how it juuuuuuust so happens to -potentially- fix ALL of the deep state’s problems. In 2016, Dr. Anthony Fauci said there would be a “surprise pandemic” facing the incoming… Continue reading The COVID Connection

“Your Chidlren Shall No Longer Be Your Food”

We’ll get to the misspelling soon enough. But first, let’s start this post right off the bat with a video that establishes that there is enough of an international Satanic ritual child sex trafficking ring for the ITNJ (the International Tribunal for Natural Justice) to hold an Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.… Continue reading “Your Chidlren Shall No Longer Be Your Food”

The Announcement

When everything unravels, I’ve come to the conclusion that the public will be informed via Emergency Broadcast Alert. See why: Oh, and imagine our (those of us who are expecting our government to go down in a heap of ash) surprise when high-profile government officials in Myanmar were arrested over a fraudulent election that used… Continue reading The Announcement