The Covid Years

Once you understand that COVID was made for the vaccine and not the other way around, then – and only then – will you understand that the past three years were meant to kill off much of the population.

By and far, it is left-leaning, Biden-supporting, Democrat voters who got the clot shot, the stroke poke, the heart dart – I’m not making light of it by using these made up terms, I’m trying to bring awareness. Democrat leaders once said they’d never get a vaccine made under the Trump administration, but it wasn’t long before they were trying to force it on everybody. They convinced you that YOU should take the shot that THEY already said THEY wouldn’t trust. And somehow convinced you that Trump is the reason behind all “anti-vaxxers” even though he’s never said a single bad thing about the jab. In fact, he has quite irritated some on the right by NOT speaking out against it.

Don’t be so certain that your controllers received the shot, though. There have been multiple videos showing certain politicians who at first glance appear to be getting the jab. But further scrutiny shows a multitude of ways they deceived us into thinking they got the “vaccine” – needle-less syringes and shooting the liquid out of the syringe when they don’t realize that they’re not-quite-out-of-sight-of-the-camera. And then there’s the whole instance of Biden refusing to be drug tested before a debate with Trump. Many speculate that it was because he was using ivermectin – as many high-profile people have been suspected – and even accused – of doing. Biden could’ve cleared things up right away – why didn’t he?

Also, lest we forget, even though ivermectin and HCQ had already been proven as cures by the Department of Defense around May of 2020, we weren’t allowed access to them. Our overlords even went so far as to ban pharmacies from selling it, and some even invented stories about people overdosing on HORSE DEWORMER and clogging up emergency rooms they supposedly work in. Even after the hospital put out a public statement setting the record straight, explaining that the man didn’t work there anymore and that they did NOT have a problem with people overdosing on animal medicine – most lefties STILL believed this man over the hospital!. They STILL thought we were asking for the veterinary version of ivermectin. Geez, and some of these people were way too smart not to know better. We’re talking people claiming to be nurses. We’re talking teachers. We’re talking scientists.

There were those who got the shot honestly believing that they were helping, doing their part. For others, the powers-that-be were very persuasive in getting many to believe that their moral standards were far greater than those who would dare to leave their house without a face diaper or six boosters. They didn’t care that many folks could not breathe with a mask on, and they simply didn’t believe that they could be wrong about the “vaccine” being safe and effective.

Then, for some virtue signaling claiming to care so much about people, they also said that unvaccinated people should be denied health care. Wow. How compassionate of you. It’s okay though, most of us who didn’t wear the mask and were against the vaccine wouldn’t step foot in a doctor’s office or hospital right now. We are busy learning all about homeopathic medicine, the way God intended.

Hospital  protocol during COVID was to kill people. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Rather, it sounded crazy. But that was before we watched in real time as hospitals would not allow patients to transfer out to other hospitals to get the care THEY wanted. What happened to a patient’s right to try?? That was before we found out that hospitals get paid ahead of time by the federal government to have a certain amount of COVID deaths – and if they don’t meet that quota, they have to pay the money back. Hospitals have much incentive to kill rather than heal. They get one amount for admitting a COVID patient, more if the patient goes on a ventilator, and more if the patient dies. Spoiler alert: the patient is very likely to die after being put on a ventilator unnecessarily.

Some hospitals offered families of deceased loved ones money or a drastically reduced hospital bill if they could state it was COVID on the death certificate. FEMA even got in on the action and offered funeral expense reimbursement to families of those who died of COVID. Funeral expense reimbursement for a funeral you likely weren’t even allowed to attend. All of this money is a recipe for murder.

Unfortunately, I CAN imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one and not be able to see them in their final moments. I CAN imagine what it’s like to witness all of this happening right before my eyes, knowing they were being murdered without being able to stop it.

They kept you from your friends. They kept you from your families. They instilled a fear in you like this world has never seen. They had you so afraid that you rolled up your sleeve to be the experiment. Many that did this are now seeing that they made a mistake. I’m sorry if you’re offended, but I cannot in good conscience do nothing and say nothing as you unknowingly do your part in destroying this country and killing yourself! The last time this sort of thing happened, people were executed and laws were enacted to make sure it never happened again:

I strongly urge you to look into the circumstances surrounding The Nuremberg Code of 1947 if you haven’t already. Then ask yourself, how did we get here AGAIN? The short answer is, history, if not known by the future, repeats itself.

There’s one more thing that you must understand to know why this is happening: we are in a spiritual war. Good vs. evil. God vs. Satan. The people pushing this agenda are not working for God. God’s work does not require virtue signaling, isolation, or fear. that is of Satan.

Whether you believe this or not, I really hope you watch the following video of an interview with a demon-possessed woman. When commanded in the name of Jesus, demons are COMPELLED to tell the truth. There is no punishment for not telling the truth, because not telling the truth cannot happen, it is not possible for a demon under Jesus’s command to lie. They can lie any other time, but not when they are commanded in Jesus’s name to tell the truth.

Before I watched the video, I was already convinced that many people who took the vaccine were going to have to humble themselves and repent for the way they treated people who chose not to wear a mask or not to inject themselves with an experimental poison. You might not be one of those people but you know there were a lot of them. But after watching the video, I am not only even more convinced of that, but it also appears that even getting the jab is something people are going to have to turn to God about and ask forgiveness. This is just my interpretation – the demon could be referring to the people pushing the shot because THEY KNOW. Even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves, THEY KNOW. They just valued their profession and money over human lives, becoming professional hitmen.


Scripture says over something like 365 times (once for each day of the year): “Do not be afraid”. And you know what, I was never once afraid. You don’t have to be either. It is literally up to you whether they kill you or not. All you have to do is quit believing the lies and stop complying. God will help you!

And remember, Jesus loves you and so do I.

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