Hidden Hands and Closed Mouths

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that many famous people – politicians, celebrities, athletes, religious leaders – seem to have really weird habits in common. And it’s not just that they have these habits in common, it’s that they appear to be flaunting these, um, mannerisms (for lack of a better word because “mannerisms” implies that they naturally carry on this way, but…you’ll see what I’m talking about) and WANT us to notice. But nobody seems to say anything.

Let’s start with the example that I came across recently that made me want to write about this: Jerrod Carmichael hosting the Golden Globes.

Granted, thie thumbnail for this video doesn’t come with context, so it doesn’t necessarily seem weird at first that Jerrod has his hand positioned where it is. But, let’s play the video to see if any more context is offered:

At about 15 seconds in, Jerrod first places four of the fingers on his right hand inside his jacket, leaving his thumb out. At first it could seem like maybe he is just straightening out some fabric or something, I don’t know. But then he just leaves his hand there. Why?

But Jerrod is not the only famous person to do this – not even close! Once in a while there’s a variation on it – like, sliding the thumb in there, too, or – just a really awkward version of whatever this is called (the Hidden Hand). Take a look at all these folks who have never offered a reason for why they do this, they just do it and we never question it. Of course this doesn’t represent ALL of them, but you’ll get the picture:

It is freemason symbolism to show their allegiance to the illuminati

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