Women’s Marches


One of, if not THE most nonsensical, hypocritical movements in American (and probably around the world) history is the new-wave feminist women’s rights movement, and the subsequent sub-movements like “#metoo” and the transgender movement.

Women’s marches began popping up all over the place, and they all had a common theme:  Women do not have equal rights as men, and it’s all Trump’s fault. From the day Trump announced his bid and subsequently won the Republican nomination, he was suddenly at fault for aaaaalllll the wrong things. He was at fault for all the wrong things that ever existed anywhere and anytime. He was at fault for all the wrong things that used to exist but exist no longer. He was at fault for all the wrong things that have always existed. He was even at fault for all the wrong things that never actually existed. Yes, they even went so far as to invent problems to blame on him.

But right now, we’re going to focus on women’s rights. Now first of all, I’m a woman, and I can’t possibly think of a single right that men have that I do not. Except for the fact that I cannot murder my unborn child. Oh, wait, I can…it’s men that aren’t allowed to do that. There’s literally nothing that a man has the “right” to do that I, as a female, do not. But these new-wave feminazis think otherwise and it’s all Trump’s fault, despite the fact that prior to his presidency, Trump actually liked women a little too much at times. Despite the fact that he employs a lot of women in high places. Despite the fact that his right-hand campaign man was not a man at all, but rather a woman by the name of Kelly Anne Conway. But suddenly, Donald Trump represented the evil patriarchy. Orange Man Bad! Down with the patriarchy! Down with men! Especially if those men are white and Christian. Stupid white, Christian men and their stupid white privilege! How dare they love babies! Stupid babies! Let’s kill them all, too! Unless……

Unless you’re a “transgender” man pretending (no matter how poorly) to be a woman. If you’re a man pretending to be a woman, you’re welcome to put on your frilliest skirt and meshiest tank top and join in the very same women’s marches that actual women are not allowed to join if they dare to commit the cardinal sin of being pro-life or take any stance on anything that isn’t in perfect alignment with these nut-jobs. Or if they’re white. Even though the majority of the female protestors are, in fact, white. Or they’re anything other than a crew-cut, nipple-tassled, screaming banshee wearing a pink p***y hat shouting obscenities at Donald Trump and pontificating on blowing up the White House. Such classy broads. Er, nasty women. But men pretending to be ladies – they are welcomed with open arms, because men make better women than women. The only “progress” these women’s marches have made is in direct conflict with their mission. Now, boys can beat up girls on the wrestling mat. Men can not only enter women’s sports, but take home the gold. Men can be named “Woman of the Year”.

It seems every issue they stand for, every issue for which they place responsibility squarely on Donald Trump’s (or white men’s in general) shoulders, is not, in fact an actual issue. Take the so-called “wage gap” between men and women for example. It’s not a wage gap, but an “earnings” gap, which is entirely different. One’s wage is the hourly or salary rate one is paid for performing their job. Earnings is the amount of money one brings home considering the amount of hours they work. Women, on average, do not work as much as men for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason that comes to mind is that generally speaking, women do not work as much as men. They’re more likely to take time off work for maternity leave, and staying home with sick children. Men, a lot more often than women, tend to take positions that require hard physical labor, and those positions tend to pay a lot more than say, an office position. (By the way, nobody is stopping any woman from taking a physically demanding job if she’s able to perform the job – I know a few women who work harder than any man I know and I say good for them!) The only way to get an accurate depiction of wage differences is to compare men and women in the same exact field, who do exactly the same work, working exactly the same amount of hours, who have exactly the same education and experience, and who have been in their position, both at the same company, for exactly the same amount of time. In other words, apples for apples. Not apples for caramel apples. Not oranges for orange juice. But these studies that the “wage gap” are based on aren’t comparing apples to apples. They’re not even comparing apples to other fruits. They’re comparing apples to a one-way street sign and hair products to treadmills. In the end (and even all the way at the beginning) there is no comparison. There simply is no such thing as a wage gap. If women really got paid less than men, men would be out of work because it makes no sense for companies to pay more for work they can get done so much cheaper. That’s not to say that there are no women out there who are not discriminated against in the workplace because they are women. But we already have laws in place prohibiting discrimination in the workplace based on gender. It’s not a government problem. It’s not a Donald Trump problem. It’s an employer problem. How about protesting the company? Or finding a different job that obeys the law and pays you the same as a man in your exact same position with the same exact experience, education, training, and tenure?

Let’s not forget about #metoo, a noble causes at first glance. Until, that is, you realize that that these movements conveniently coincide with every other thing the left is trying to do to bring down POTUS #45.

It all started over a leaked audio recording of Trump supposedly admitting to sexually assaulting women. I know I’m not the only one who immediately thought he was probably referring to women who ALLOW someone like him (a billionaire celebrity) to grab them or kiss them or heck, even have his way with them. The media had a heyday with it, and soon all on the left were intent using this as yet another way to try to bring him down. Personally, I didn’t listen to the recording until a couple years later when I challenged someone to listen with me to see if Trump said “let”, and I regret not having placed a hefty wager on it. He clearly said women “let” him do these things. Anybody who has listened to the recording and still says he admits to sexual assault is, quite bluntly, lying.

Not long after the recording was “discovered”, the #metoo movement really started gaining ground. We were told we HAD to believe ALL women. Unless, of course, the woman was the one being accused of sexual assault. Or the accused was a democrat. Or the accused was a relative of a celebrity. We were to believe ALL* women in spite of ZERO evidence, as demonstrated in the case of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser. The movement was gaining ground alright, but not in the direction the founders wanted. Soon people started coming out about big wigs in Hollywood and a host of democrat politicians. It’s almost comical the way it backfired, if not for how sad and desperate they were for trying so hard.

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