Kill, Steal, and Destroy

While there used to be some fundamental differences between liberals, democrats, progressives, and the left, there doesn’t seem to be anymore. For that reason, when I speak of any one of the four, it can be assumed that I’m speaking about all.

Additionally, when I refer to any of them, I am not talking about the average Joe Blow voter. I’m speaking of those in positions of power, those who many have entrusted to work for “we the people”, those of prestige who many look up to such as celebrities and athletes who have over the last few years (since DJT entered the political picture) decided that their celebrity status is synonymous with authority. Those large corporations that have “taken a stand” by refusing to work with anyone who dares disagree about even the smallest of issues. And the most problematic of all, the so-called “Christian” churches turning their back on God’s word and Biblical doctrine for the sake of popularity, teaming up with the cult of liberalism.

Just like Satan, leftists will use anything at their disposal to get their way. Just like Satan, liberals may know the words of the Bible, but they have no understanding of it yet still try to use it against others to justify their wicked ways. Just like Satan, they celebrate the most evil of causes and demonize those with good and pure intent. Patting themselves on the back for what they claim to be benevolent works while foaming at the mouth out of hatred for all things good and Godly.

Make no mistake, the left is out to:

  • Kill innocent babies, all the way up to a minute before birth – and beyond, if the abortion doesn’t “take”.
  • Steal elections by stealing votes through non-citizen votes, duplicate voters, and deceased voters; lowering the voting age; reinstating felons’ right to vote; doing away with the electoral college and unconstitutionally removing Trump’s name from the primary election ballots; conspiring with foreign countries to interfere in our elections using the same Dominion voting machines that the media demonized when Chavez was fraudulently elected via use of the machines; conspiring with the United States Postal Service in backdating mail-in ballots; stopping the vote count while Trump had a very large lead on Biden and then resuming counting in the middle of the night when suddenly there were major ballot dumps of nothing but Biden votes. And the list goes on. Where’s the evidence, you ask? Here Is The Evidence. Check it out for yourself, and quit asking where is the evidence if you don’t want to see it.
  • Destroy, by any and all schemes possible, anything and anyone who dares to stand for something just a little different or who dares to stand in their way. No, the left cannot simply allow others to disagree. Dissenters must pay the price. Bakeries and bridal shops must be sued out of business. Teenaged girls and elderly women must be vilified and doxed. Catholic school boys must be expelled. Supreme Court nominees and their wives and children must get no peace. Columnists must be threatened with death and rape of their spouse and children. Off with their heads! Any heads, that is, daring to don a red hat with those four famous words: Make America Great Again!
  • Confuse the masses via language by inventing new meaningless words; completely and willfully ignoring context, science, and evidence; and using profanity in place of meaningful dialogue because suddenly everybody thinks that not liking Trump makes them a Billy Bada**.
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