Power of Prayer Over POTUS

It is my belief that Donald Trump was prayed into the White House. Not only that, but that the constant prayers since then for God’s will to be done is what has kept our President virtually untouchable amidst all the scrutiny. Why? It’s simple. According to Matthew 18:20, “Where two or more are gathered in My name, I am there in their midst.” If God is with us when only two or three are praying, can you imagine the kind of power there is in MILLIONS praying?

You don’t have to imagine it. You’ve actually witnessed it, whether you realize it or not – and whether you believe it or not – on election night in 2016 when MILLIONS – WORLDWIDE – gathered to pray in Jesus’s name for the good of our country.

I’m sure we all remember how confident the left was that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected. Does the Time Magazine cover, ‘Madame President’ ring a bell? How about the revelation that by all appearances, it looked as though even the Disney corporation was counting on HRC’s win, as their robot version of Trump in the Hall of Presidents at Disney World was unveiled and suspiciously looked very feminine, and even more suspiciously, resembled Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter WHY they were so confident (update – February 20, 2021 – yes, yes, it does matter WHY and hopefully we will discuss this in future posts), whether it was due to alleged rigged voting machines or if they really believed their constant defamation of Trump’s character was working; the point is that they believed it. No, they KNEW Hillary Clinton would win. Heck, even most of us who supported Trump voted for him but still very much believing Hillary would win. But we voted anyway. And we prayed. But not for what you may think…we didn’t pray specifically that Trump would be elected; we prayed for God’s will over it all.

We voted, yes. Scores of first-time voters who didn’t believe their vote would count flocked to the polls anyway, and voted for Trump (yes, I was one of them). Lifelong democrats voted for Trump. People who voted for Obama in the previous two election cycles voted for Trump. Not all, but apparently enough…

But more importantly, we prayed. I don’t know about you, but I’d never prayed over an election before. In fact, I was a first-time voter myself because prior to then, politics bored me, and I didn’t understand any of it anyway. And, I felt as though I had enough stress dealing with my own personal issues and didn’t have time to worry about how the country was being run. But then, sometime during the previous President’s term, I began to realize that politics is only politics to politicians. To everyday people like me – it’s not politics, it’s personal. I recommitted my life to the Lord and everything, I mean everything, just changed. I don’t know how or why, but God changed me. One of those ways He changed me was that I instantly felt a new responsibility to my country. So, I prayed.

Like most other Christians, I didn’t pray specifically that Trump would be elected, but that God’s will be done. I prayed that the BEST person for the job would be elected. I prayed that someone with Godly values be elected – a pro-life president who wasn’t afraid to bring God into the White House. (I’ll admit – at first Trump did not seem like that person, but then I remembered the story of Saul on his way to Damascus and how Saul was converted to Paul the Apostle. God uses even the “worst” sinners sometimes for His good!) I prayed that others would pray. That was a big one. I prayed that people in this once-great country of ours would turn to God and repent so that our nation could be healed as God promised:

2 Chronicles 7:14:  If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

I remember election night so clearly. At that particular time, I was usually in bed and sound asleep by 9:30pm. But I was glued to the election. I was laying in bed, rotating back and forth between praying, holding my breath, and watching election coverage. I couldn’t have fallen asleep if I wanted to. It wasn’t looking good, not good at all, and as committed as I was to facing the “fact” that it was inevitable, that Hillary Clinton was going to win, something inside me just said to keep praying. Polls were closing and numbers were coming in. And of course, all of us “deplorables” (as Hillary so lovingly nicknamed us) watching the coverage got the privilege of finding out from mainstream media that we were “uneducated”, which was the least of the insults. By using pie charts to paint a picture of Trump voters, we were depicted as a bunch of drooling, Neanderthal inbreeds. But that’s beside the point. Trump was going to lose. But this wasn’t about Trump losing; it was about the ramifications of Clinton winning.

While some on the left were still out rioting in the streets protesting Trump (odd they would protest given how sure everyone was that HRC would win) on election night, righties remained calm and awaited the verdict, even though we knew it would not be good news for us. Hillary was giving a beat down to Trump. It was over. There was no way DJT was going to catch up…it was impossible. I did not stop praying though. And neither, I imagine, did all the others who were praying that night.

And then it happened.

In an instant, like magic, out of nowhere, the tables turned and Trump was in the lead! By a landslide! Nobody could explain it. Certainly not the left, who took great measures to ensure HRC’s win, including rigging voting machines among other scandalous tactics like their character defamation campaign against Trump (which is STILL going strong over six years after. But those are stories for another day, in other posts. And no, I will no used the word “alleged” about evidence I’ve seen with my own eyes). My point is, he won. And too many of us are denying HOW, against ALL ODDS, that Trump could pull off a win against his opponent who had the undying support of celebrities, athletes, politicians, correspondents, White House officials, FBI agents, news networks and anchors countrywide, mainstream media, entire races and religions, women, the majority of people LGBT, big corporations, entire younger generations and a good portion of the middle-aged population, the pro-“choice”, and even some who did not fundamentally agree with ANYTHING Hillary stood for, but were somehow convinced that Trump was aaaaaaalllllll the bad things. How? I’ll tell you how. Through a little thing I like to call POPOP – the Power of Prayer Over POTUS.

Many people don’t believe in the power of prayer because they don’t think they’ve ever seen it in action, or…they don’t like the results – so to them, that means God didn’t answer their prayer. But maybe the following will help you to see how powerful a real and genuine prayer can be:

One never knows what’s going on behind the scenes. It wasn’t just Trump voters here in the US who were praying over the election. MILLIONS of people around the country and around the world gathered together to pray in the weeks leading up to and on election night. You won’t hear about this through mainstream media, because, remember, they were loyal to Hillary and just as guilty of participating in the smear campaign against Trump as anyone on the left.

The last time I was on my site, I had a video below showing how people came together in Jerusalem and prayed over our country and our now-POTUS, Donald Trump, at the Jerusalem Global Gathering on election night 2016. There was also a giant screen showing others in a different location in prayer. Realize that this is only TWO locations you are seeing, but it was a GLOBAL initiative!

Update, until I find another copy of the video – it does not surprise me that this video is no longer available. People are being censored like crazy. I am keeping this up in case the account gets reinstated and the video comes back.

Other Christians gathered outside the nation’s capital to pray, and Christian leaders led prayers for the country’s return to biblical principles.

Daystar Channel, a global broadcast company with the potential to reach 400 million viewers/listeners, broadcast a world-wide invitation to join a prayer group hosted by Ken Copeland Ministries in Dallas, Texas. Their prayers were for the country’s deliverance.

The Daystar Channel began broadcasting that world-wide prayer during the very same time – down to the very minute – that the polls shifted when Trump began taking the lead. This can’t be disputed. There are records of both. It is a fact that the prayers (MILLIONS of them) and the shift (very sudden and very dramatic) happened at the same time. The very pro-Hillary New York Times even documented the shift in voting, although certainly not on purpose, as they were certainly documenting the whole election night proceedings.

Take a look at the chart below showing the sudden shift in the polls at precisely the same time the world-wide prayer was broadcast, and read more about it at:

I began writing this piece shortly after election night in 2016. As I write the rest of this, it is now February 2021 January 2023. Besides all the hate coming from the left, we’ve seen a constant barrage of attacks directly aimed at President Trump. Impeachment proceedings (twice now), a pLandemic (oh yes, I’ll be writing about that too) resulting in economic collapse, race riots, all of which the left is trying to place blame solely on the shoulders of President Donald J. Trump. Still. In 2023. Even though we’re in way worse shape since Biden supposedly took the helm.

But “inexplicably”, Trump keeps gaining more and more support. Movements were created in support of Trump by people who are being told they are not “allowed” to support him. Blacks for Trump. Gays for Trump. Democrats for Trump! More and more people of all colors are coming out in support of Donald Trump, claiming that they can no longer support the democrat party and it’s ideals. Black conservatives are raising their voices. Gays coming out all over again, but this time coming out in support of Trump. It seems every single shenanigan the left pulls to try to bring down DJT just backfires and sends more supporters President Trump’s way.

Prayers are still going strong for our President, Donald J. Trump. I am assuming that if you’re reading this, you know all about the events that have unfolded over the course of nearly the last seven years. We pray that the TRUTH will be exposed. No matter if the TRUTH is bad news for Trump, or bad news for all the people who are against him and trying to bring him down. We pray that our President follows God’s lead to get our country back to a nation that values life and loves their neighbors. We pray that evil we be exposed and destroyed.

The election has come and gone, and you know as well as I do that Faux Biden is not our legitimate president. It is so obvious that I can’t even entertain a conversation with someone who would dare try to pretend that they believe Biden legitimately won. And this is why I will continue to refer to Trump as PRESIDENT Trump.

But here’s the deal, man…why don’t you see me and others like me blowing a gasket? Because what is happening right now is once again exactly what we prayed for this time around. We were MUCH, MUCH MORE specific with our prayers this time because of what we saw unfolding during the last four years, the sheer hatred of and wrath poured out on Trump by virtually everyone. We prayed that the truth would be exposed. That evil would not prevail, that justice would come for the evildoers. We prayed that Trump would win so BIG LEAGUE (Trump’s words – not “bigly”), so obviously, that the entire country would be “red”.

Psalm 37: 13-15 But the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He sees that his day is coming. The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose way is upright; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.

We are very confident that President Donald J Trump plays a very significant role given to him by God in the takedown of all sorts of evil that’s been going on in this country for a very long time. When asked if he thought God chose him to lead this country, President Trump humbly responded, “I hope so”. But we, the American people, KNOW SO. Among other dirty deeds that God is using President Trump to expose, election fraud will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and Donald J Trump will regain his rightful seat as POTUS over a red sea of patriots across the country. Thank you in advance, Jesus!

Stay tuned…and PRAY! The Twitter Files have been dropping some very interesting information about election fraud, covid…I’m sure there will be other subjects as well. We are taking our country back!

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