Who You Are

There is something that’s been on my mind for a very long time; something that outrages and deeply saddens me. For the lack of the specific names of the actual people behind what’s making me so upset, I will just use “society” as a general term here. Society has convinced people that they are worth no more than, and that their entire lives should revolve around, their sex and gender (and race, but that’s for a whole other post). The masses have been convinced that who they’re attracted to or what gender they ‘identify’ as is “who they are.”

“Who you are” is a combination of character traits (or lack thereof), including, but not limited to, passion, compassion, integrity, work ethic, talent, ambition, honesty, HOW you love (as opposed to WHO you love), what makes you tick, how well or not you deal with and/or overcome life’s adversities and obstacles, your treatment of others, the ability to understand human nature and deal with people accordingly, fearlessness, sense of humor, generosity, emotional maturity, bravery, humility, consideration for others, dependability, faithfulness, naivety, gentleness, patience, rationality, responsibility, stubbornness, and the list goes on. Some are more honest than others, some are less compassionate towards others. Some are funny, some are boring. Some are generous and some are stingy. The list is non-exhaustive, but no matter how long it is, you will never see anything to do with sex or gender on the list. If sex and/or gender were on the list, it would imply that those things somehow change who you are as a person, which completely contradicts the “I’m born this way” or the “It’s who I am” mantra.

All of these traits and the varying degrees among them, along with life experiences that alter some of these things, make up who we are as individuals. For example, when I was younger, I wasn’t as honest and I was a lot more gullible. But life’s experiences, along with the natural emotional maturity that develops over time for most people (and in my case, after discovering God), has changed me into somebody much more honest and a lot less naïve.

If we were 100% honest with ourselves, deep down we know that if somebody were to ask, “Who are you,” that the answer would not be “I’m gay,“ or “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body.” Let’s start focusing on people as people and build them up for their individual uniqueness and worth!

I am baffled as to why the very people behind the gay movement, LGBT, etc. who are supposed to be supporting their people are in every sense tearing them down. And those who are anywhere on the LGBT spectrum don’t even see it!

Even though I believe that God created man and woman for marriage, and created us male or female, I still care about my fellow human beings, no matter how they identify. God loves you. Your sexuality or gender identity is not who you are. You are beautiful children of God with talent, intelligence, compassion and integrity. Now get out there and show the world what you’re made of. Show them who you REALLY are!

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