God’s Job or Ours?

We as Christians hear it all the time:  “Why does God allow children to starve?” More recently some believe that God supernaturally intervened in the 2016 elections, and the question turned into a sarcastic statement: “Yeah right. God couldn’t feed the starving children but found time to fix an election”.

As we discussed in another post, God is in all places at all times, so He could find the time to do anything He wanted. And, since He is all powerful, He most definitely COULD feed the starving children. The reason He “doesn’t” is a lot simpler and not nearly as maliciously-intended as some who either don’t believe in Him or those who hate Him would like to think. However, it might not make some of us feel very good about ourselves.

You see, God does what we cannot do, and equips us to do what we can. Clearly, an election cannot be “fixed” (by humans without cheating, which would be stealing and/or lying, two things God calls sin), unless a supernatural force is involved. Now perhaps this was done by way of changing people’s hearts at the last minute because enough people prayed over the election. But for now, let’s get back to why God doesn’t do some of the things we as humans might think He should. It’s because He gave you and me the job of taking care of those less fortunate. He not only equips us with the desire and means to feed those starving children, but He also commands us to do so. We CAN and SHOULD help the needy, including feeding starving children.

Christians are central to helping those less fortunate. Do some research yourself and you’ll find that the overwhelming majority of soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, crisis nurseries and pregnancy centers, adoptive families, etc., are faith-based (particularly, the Christian faith). Perhaps if more people were doing the very thing God equipped and commanded us to do instead of berating Him for not doing it Himself, there would be no such thing as starving children.

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