truth smallis simple, yet multi-dimensional. It can be taken anywhere, through any circumstances and any increment of time, and no part of it will change.  What was truth yesterday is truth today and will continue to be truth tomorrow.

Fiction, although it can be very complex and detailed, is one-dimensional. You can’t “take it with you” without having to add to or detract from or change it in some way.

truth smallis never right about only one thing and never wrong about anything; it is always RIGHT about all things.

Falsehoods are never right about even one thing; they are always WRONG about all things.

truth smallis not created out of need; rather, it just is. Oh, yes, we need to know the truth – but it has always been there, just waiting for us to find.

A lie is created out of need & selfishness. Once invented, it cannot simply sit back & wait for us to find it – no; its mission is to find us. It bullies its way into our lives & leads us astray from truth.

truth smallis neither limited nor tailored to one person, group or need. No, the truth is universal. It is generous, transparent and wants to be shared. It is not discriminatory; each and every truth is unique and one-of-a-kind, yet even so, one-size-fits-all.

Deception is masterminded out of selfishness and purposefully tailored for a specific need. It is stingy in that it does not like to be exposed. It is extremely discriminatory and discretionary. It chooses what to tell and to whom it shall be told.

truth smallis truth; it just is. TRUTdoes not become untruth by way of emotion or influence. It does not conform to popular opinion or perception based on our feelings.

Perception is a lie; it can, and often does, change over time with emotion and environmental or cultural influences.

truth smalldoes not create agony, desperation, sorrow, despair or grief; rather, these feelings are symptoms born out of falsehoods and cured by truth. TRUTturns misery into joy, and pain into pleasure. It replaces heartache with happiness, and unsettledness with security. The truth  transforms discomfort into contentment and distraction into collectedness. TRUTH  takes negative emotions and feelings caused by deceit and reconstructs them into positives.

Deceit and forgery are at the root of all things negative. A liar causes himself to be untrustworthy and his victim untrusting. Fraudulence destroys homes, families, friendships and society. It builds walls and barriers that can only be broken through with honesty.

truth smallis complete. It is finished; it is whole. Truth  answers every question and leads us not to speculation when we find it. With the truth, we know what was, what is, and what will be.

Dishonesty is incomplete and never finished. It leaves us to fill in the blanks with our own conclusions, speculating about what might have been, what maybe is, or what might be.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 

John 8:32

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